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New Training Videos: Key Moments in Child Welfare Cases

With funding from the Court Improvement Project Training Grant, the Center has created a series of very brief videos that demonstrate best practices for typical moments in child welfare hearings (including, for example, reading of rights, excluding individuals from the courtroom, making findings of fact at adjudication, and taking a relinquishment).

The videos are designed for judges new to the child welfare bench, but will be useful for attorneys and others. You may view the videos in any order and will find links to relevant statutes, rules, and sections of the New Mexico Child Welfare Handbook, for more information. The videos can be found on our E-Learning page under the Resources section.

New Resource: Interactive Flow-Chart of Abuse and Neglect Proceedings

With funding from the Court Improvement Project Training Grant, the Center has created an interactive flowchart that provides a basic overview of the timing, purpose, and requirements of each stage in an abuse or neglect case. You may go from beginning to end or jump-in at any point in a case. We hope the flowchart will be a friendly introduction for clients and individuals newer to Children’s Court, as well as a useful refresher for experienced professionals and volunteers. The flowchart can be found on our E-Learning page under the Resources section.

Important Updates to the Child Welfare Handbook: January 2017

In January 2017, we issued the fifth semi-annual update to the 2014 Child Welfare Handbook. This update covers new cases and other legal developments during the period of July 1 2016 - December 31, 2016. It is important to check all five updates when using the Handbook. Click here for the updates.

2014 New Mexico Child Welfare Handbook

The 2014 New Mexico Child Welfare Handbook is available online and in print. You can download and search the Handbook from our "RESOURCES" page or purchase a print copy for $35.00 plus $8.00 for shipping and handling. To order a print copy, complete this form and submit it to Tracey Kincaid. Questions? Contact Tracey by email ( or phone at (505) 277-9170.

Updated Resource: Indian Child Welfare Act Bench Card

On behalf of the Tribal-State Judicial Consortium, the CLC has updated the Bench Card on ICWA Requirements to reflect new case law and the 2015 BIA Guidelines for State Courts and Agencies in Indian Child Custody Proceedings.


We have a new name: the Corinne Wolfe Center for Child and Family Justice

The Center has adopted a new name to better reflect our vision of a just and equitable New Mexico in which all children are safe, healthy and educated, and can build on the strength of their families and communities to thrive. Read more.

Advisory Partners

  • Chief Justice Barbara Vigil
  • Judge Freddie Romero
  • Judge Marie Ward
  • Judge Jennifer Delaney
  • Judge John Romero
  • CYFD Secretary Monique Jacobson
  • Dr. Andrew Hsi
  • Dr. Leslie Strickler
  • Dr. Paul Roth
  • Hilari Lipton
  • Angela Peinado
  • Chamiza Pacheco de Alas
  • Douglas Meiklejohn
  • Javier Martinez
  • Adrián Pedroza
  • Jennifer Saavedra, Deputy Secretary of CYFD
  • Ed Marks
  • Liz McGrath
  • Matthew Bernstein
  • Mia Kern
  • Regis Pecos
  • Brenda Manus
  • Ezra Spitzer
  • Mary Ann Shaening
  • Rebecca Liggett
  • Shelly Bucher
  • Kim Posich
  • Jenny Ramo