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Bulletins, Guides, and Benchcards


Child Protection Best Practices Bulletins

Best Practices Bulletin

The Corinne Wolfe Center for Child and Family Justice is proud to co-sponsor of this series of publications intended to promote the safety, permanency, and well-being of children in the state’s care here in New Mexico. Originally written in 2007, these brief bulletins describe a number of innovative practices that are child-focused and family centered. In 2011, most of the Bulletins were updated. The current versions of the bulletins are available to be downloaded:

Introductory Bulletin: What is Best Practice? (2011)

  • Advance Calendaring (2011) [PDF]
  • Benchmark Reviews (2007) [PDF]
  • Connecting Children with Incarcerated Parents (2011) [PDF]
  • Education Advocacy (2011) [PDF]
  • Family Engagement (2011) [PDF]
  • Foster Parent Involvement (2011) [PDF]
  • Maximizing the Involvement of Young People (2007) [PDF]
  • Open Adoption and Mediated Contact Agreements (2011) [PDF]
  • Pacing Permanency (2007)[PDF]
  • Parent-Child Visitation (2011) [PDF]
  • Preserving Cultural Connections (2011) [PDF]
  • Special Calendaring (2011) [PDF]
  • Transition Home Plans (2011) [PDF]
  • Well-Being Checklists (2011) [PDF]
  • Working with Undocumented and Mixed Status Immigrant Children and Families (2011) [PDF]


Child Protection Practice Guides

  • Extra Hearings & Status Reviews [PDF]
  • Filing Appeals: Rule 10-352 [PDF]

Booklets for Foster Youth and Others

The New Mexico Court Improvement Project writes and publishes a number of booklets for youth, biological parents, foster parents, judges, attorneys, social workers, clinicians, child advocates, and others who work with children and families in the state. A number of these booklets are available in Spanish as well as English. To download or order the booklets, visit CIP Booklets.


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